Cops evicted, Public Works didn’t pay rent

police dog Cops evicted, Public Works didn’t pay rent

Newcastle’s organised crime Unit, its dog unit and its public order policing unit have been evicted after the Department of Public Works failed to pay the rent.

Locks were changed and members of the three units as well as the police vehicle workshop unit were locked out of the premises when the sheriff served eviction notices, the Newcastle Advertiser reported.

Some 200 police officers and 15 dogs were affected. Captain Shooz Magudulela was quoted as describing the eviction as, “a disaster that was going to affect staff morale” but explained that it was the responsibility of the provincial department to ensure that the rent had been paid.

Provincial spokesperson Thulani Zwane could not be reached for comment.

According to the newspaper, the landlord, Anton van Kaampen, declined to comment until he had spoken to his attorneys.

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