Faan Denies Imposing Levy on Checked Luggage

luggageThe Federal Airports of Nigeria (Faan) has denied allegation that it has imposed a mandatory charge of ?2,000 on all checked in luggage at all our airports by passengers.

Mr. Yakubu Dati, general manager, corporate communications of Faan, in reaction to a statement credited to the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) on moves by the authority to block areas of revenue leakages explained that the authority in its continuous bid to ensure efficiency, transparency and fair play, only ensured that excessive baggages that are not personal effects which are destined for commercial objectives are not camouflaged to pass through carousels without the payment of the mandatory tariff.

He noted that traders and importers rather than send cargo through the appropriate terminals prefer to travel with their goods under the cover of personal effects thereby subjecting Faan’s facilities and passengers to untold hardship and delays. “The authority is determined to ensure a fast processing of passengers and goods,” he said.

Dati added that the authority also in order to ensure that the recently installed carousels are not subjected to misuse by the excess baggage syndrome had to discourage passengers from cutting corners through this practice.

“We wish to reiterate that the authority is committed to operating under global best practices, consistency and predictability, and it is quite unfortunate that a patriotic effort to put a stop to the on-going malpractice is being portrayed negatively by the council,” he said.

He also noted that the practice of collection of tariff on excess luggage has been a long while one, but was formerly handled by a concessionaire on behalf of Faan.

He said: “The issue of collection of excess cargo tariff at the point of departure is not a new development as a concessionaire was handling this before the automation of revenue points of the authority.

“The goal is in line with the Aviation Revenue Automation Project (ARAP) which is predicated on rich data gathering methods leading to consistent and accurate statistic.”

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