Telecom Operators Lose 400,000 Subscribers

JameelTelecom operators in Nigeria have lost about 400,000 active subscribers in the last one month. BusinessWorld Intelligence revealed that while the GSM operators lost about 360,000 of the subscribers, the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators lost about 40,000 subscribers within the same period.

BusinessWorld Intelligence revealed that this development is not unconnected with the fact that general level of performance is low with abnormally high call failure rates be it on the intra-trunk or the route-specific trials. Factors such as dearth of vital infrastructure like efficient and constant power supply and transmission channels may be mitigating against effective service delivery of operators. The very low success rates on inter- network routes may not be unconnected with unresolved socio-economic and technical issues relating to interconnectivity lingering between the operators with the NCC as the arbitrator.

Meanwhile, consistent with Section 89 of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 which mandates the commission to monitor all significant matters relating to the performance of all licensed telecoms service providers and publish annual reports at the end of each financial year, the NCC has developed Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement strategies to prosecute the mandate and achieve the commission’s objective of fair competition, ethical market conduct and optimal quality of service in the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

In line with this development, the commission has found Globacom culpable and may soon sanction it for failing to obtain necessary approval for one of its promotional activities. According to the commission, Globacom failed to provide the regulatory approval for the “BiiiiG 5 Promo” consistent with the provisions of NCC’s Guidelines on Adverts and Promotions hence a notice non-compliance has been sent to Globacom. Consequently, NCC said necessary enforcement action is being prepared against the network consistent with the provisions of NCC’s Enforcement Processes Regulations 2005 and would soon be made known to Globacom and the general public.

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