Y Combinator Summer 2013 Demo Day, Batch 1: Meet


It’s that time again.

Y Combinator‘s demo day Summer demo day is upon us, and we’re here live to bring the best and brightest new startups into your world. 49 new companies will pitch their wares (three of which are doing so off the record) for the very first time today, but for now we’re focusing on the first batch.

This first group includes everything from laundry services to legal help to immigration management, from mobile A/B testing to real estate crowdfunding to food truck-based companies.

So sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn as we take you through the wonderful world of YC startups.

Batch 1: go!

GoComm: Yammer for mobile workforce

GoComm bills itself as “Yammer for the mobile workforce” with a tool for managing large events. It works like a transparent Twitter-like feed for coordinate with teams that lives on your mobile phone. Co-founder Travis Dredd decided to build the company after serving as chief of staff for the Democratic National Convention, but didn’t have the tools to coordinate with all the members of his team and the press when the convention needed to be moved from a football stadium into the nearby arena.

With the product built and working with clients, the company has already become profitable, having signed one large, $150,000 a year contract, but sees the opportunity to go after the $450 million events space. It also can be applied to industries like construction, security, and hotels, according to Dredd. 

Simple Legal: Analyze legal bills

With the stated goal of being the “Mint.com for legal spend,” SimpleLegal is a software platform that reads and analyzes the paper data companies receive from their law firms. According to SimpleLegal’s founders, who have together spent 10 years in the legal industry, law firms on average over bill their clients by 10 percent — by automatically flagging inappropriate charges, SimpleLegal says it can cut down on those costs in a big way. The startup has seen 50 percent week-over-week growth in the five weeks since it launched its platform.

Read our earlier coverage on SimpleLegal here.

RealCrowd: Crowdfund Real Estate

RealCrowd is a crowd funding site for commercial real estate investments. The team, which includes two longstanding real estate investors who have helped close more than $3 billion in investment transactions, are looking to help a broader set of investors participated in multi-million real estate investments. In their first couple of weeks, they’ve racked up 500 accredited investors to participate in the site and have raised $7.5 million. An offering three days ago has attracted $550,000 of a $1.35 million target.

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Apptimize: Mobile A/B testing

Every company is building a mobile app, but it’s tough to know what to change to optimize sales and other key performance indicators. <a href="http://apptimize

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