Ode to Muslims in Modern Times – Poem

By Chokri Omri

Morocco World News

Tunis, August 21, 2013

By the soul, and That which shaped it and inspired it to lewdness and God-fearing, prosperous is he who purifies it and failed has he who seduces it. (Quran 91:7-10)

As the leaves of a tree called life are falling,

At one time apart and at another together,

There will sooner or later come a voice calling:

Injuries will heal and hence be forgotten

Lies will stumble, be found out and go down

Dreams will dovetail with good deeds and come true

Weapons invented and used against life will end

Brothers love their sisters and remember

Birds and flowers will be set free of cages and fences

Innocence and Beauty will spring back and prosper

Tears in our sacred soil will be wiped out forever

Every scoffing built upon our falling is nothing

This tree of life is fruitful and has wonder and wonder.

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