With Microsoft and cloud cover, businesses can excel

The advent of Microsoft Office365 and the combination of various products across numerous plans available means companies of any size, focus and position have a clear vision to save on total cost of ownership. That said, there is also the added advantage of faster, more accessible Internet to make cloud investment all the more attractive to the market.

Executive management at Network Alliance, an established national Information and Communication Technology service provider, claim the move by businesses towards the adoption of a standardisation approach is a positive trend.

“With standards like ITIL, ISO and other good practice standards, more companies are adopting a standardisation approach. In our opinion standardisation on well-known hardware and software platforms like DELL and Microsoft creates a more stabilised infrastructure with minimum downtime and reduced IT services costs,” says Raymond Wright, MD at Network Alliance.

“Today, with all the mobile phones, tablet and notebook devices with touch technology available running a Microsoft Windows Operating System  enhances the user experience and compliments the professional individual on the move accessing data anywhere at any time,” he adds.

Given the popularity of the Microsoft Operating System, Network Alliance believes there are numerous advantages to being a Microsoft Global Partner.

“In our opinion Microsoft is the world’s most widely used Operating System and Applications platform. With the new drive towards Devices and Services, we continue to change with the times and adopt the technology available to add value to small, mid-market and corporate customers investing in Microsoft environments,” Wright continues.

Management at Network Alliance confirm that the core benefits of being a Microsoft Partner and association with the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) include rights to the latest technology internally,

According to Wright over the last two decades the company has engaged businesses of all sizes and all of these have integrated Microsoft technologies or have licenses on board.

“Many companies have only Microsoft products and have established this as the de facto standard in their business. Small operations do not have the need to incorporate different platforms or complex systems to make their business successful and can purely work from the Microsoft cloud offering such as Office 365.

With the focus to Devices and Services, Microsoft is driving more and more Customers in using cloud services and touch devices to enhance productivity and better Customer experience. With the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ methodology many individuals now can have the freedom of using a device of their choice, rather than a slow outdated company notebook or desktop. There are exiting devices coming soon and our opinion is that most individuals and even companies will want to use the new trendy devices,” he adds.




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