Coming up at arms commission: ‘highly confidential’ details

seriti e1361875464589 Coming up at arms commission: ‘highly confidential’ details

Only three witnesses into the arms deal commission hearings, and the issue of confidentiality has already been raised.

This afternoon, Rear Admiral Phillip Schoultz from the navy took the stand. But before he spoke, evidence leader Simmy Leballa asked to address the commission.

Leballa said that some of the evidence will be confidential.

“Some of the details the admiral will be talking around are highly confidential. But we will be sensitive towards it. He will touch very briefly on some of that information,” said Leballa.

He said he understands that the commission’s recommendations will be based on information from the witnesses, but the state’s top secrets will have to be considered.

The commission had already been adjourned for two weeks to allow the department of defence time to decide how to proceed with the declassification of documents relevant to the inquiry.

There have been claims that much of the testimony could be heard in camera and in response, anti-arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Browne has launched an objection. But this was turned down on Tuesday morning.

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