Facebook Partners With Shutterstock To Offer Free Stock Images In Its Ad Creator


When ads look bad, Facebook, users, and advertisers all lose. So Facebook today announced a partnership to bake Shutterstock into its ad creator, allowing marketers to select from millions of free stock images for their ads. Facebook today also let advertisers upload multiple images at a time to build ad variants for A/B testing,

On the mobile side, Facebook updated its Pages Manager app to let admins edit who else controls their page, and publish multi-photo feed posts. Android Page Manager user can tag people in comments and browse a Page Feed of other relevant Pages, while the iOS app now allows for creation of new Pages and events.

So what’s the point of all these updates? To make marketing content on Facebook as interesting as possible so it’s not a turn off for users. No one wants to see bland ads shoved in between fun photos from their friends. Facebook has to make money, but it shouldn’t disrupt the user experience.

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