Mugabe inauguration today

mugabe smilePRESIDENT Robert Mugabe (pictured)  will take his seventh oath today as the leader of the Republic of Zimbabwe, a country he has led since independence in 1980.
The inauguration, to be held at the giant National Sports Stadium, would be attended by about 40 heads of states and government.

The next five years would be the most crucial for the ZANU-PF leader and his party, which convincingly won the July 31 elections.
President Mugabe would be seeking to firmly establish his legacy and realise his lifelong dream of a nation that is politically and economically emancipated.
He is therefore, expected to pursue economic policies that seek to empower the indigenous people of Zimbabwe and improving service delivery.

Chief among his desires is the need to protect the legacy of the country’s protracted 1970s bloody liberation struggle; an aspiration President Mugabe summed up in his ZANU-PF party 2013 manifesto.
The manifesto read in part: “That legacy permanently connects past, present and future generations of this nation with one another. It is a legacy that we all own as Zimbabweans. Accordingly, this people’s manifesto is a solemn call from the fallen and living heroes of our liberation struggle, indeed from the wailing bones that lie in many places known and others yet to be discovered, for every Zimbabwean to patriotically cherish and jealously guard the gains of our heroic liberation struggle.”

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