Krejcir’s murder plot accused fears for his life

Radovan Krejcir Krejcir’s murder plot accused fears for his life

A man arrested for allegedly plotting to kill Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir has appeared in the Germiston Magistrates’ Court.

The Saturday Star reported that Brendan Harrison applied for bail yesterday. His application was denied after investigators said his life was in danger.

During his bail bid, Harrison told the court that Krejcir pointed a firearm at him while he was in the custody of Warrant Officer David Mothibi.

Harrison said he was being transported from Bedfordview police station to Germiston when the police vehicle he was in stopped near a Pick n Pay store.

He told the court Krejcir and another man entered the police vehicle and Krejcir pulled out a gun and asked Harrison why he had tried to kill him, the
newspaper reported.

Harrison said during the interrogation, Krejcir turned to Mothibi and said: “See, I did not hurt him or bruise him, your job will not be in jeopardy”.

Harrison said he met Krejcir in 2009. In 2011, he was given a job by Michael Arsiotis, a former associate of Krejcir’s.

Harrison said he started to receive threats shortly after taking the job.

He then cut all ties with Krejcir and his associates, and left for Swaziland to start his own business.

Harrison was on a business trip in South Africa when he was arrested.

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