2 prophets thoroughly beaten till they confessed to being false prophets

Two self-proclaimed prophets from Mazowe were on Monday assaulted and forced to dig a two metre pit to unearth the blood-filled pot they claimed contained their patient’s blood.

The incident occurred at Amatola farm where Takaedza Mazhendi (32) who ‘trades’ as Prophet Handireya of Nyenyedzi Nomwe Yenguwo Chena and his church mate, if not ‘partner in crime’, Stanford Jokoniah (31) of Mvurwi sweated the whole day digging the pit as they assisted their patient Margaret Chimutengwende (32).

The two prophets had prophesied that Margaret was being bewitched by Tracy Mutsinani (48), her neighbour.

Prophet Handireya planted an axe, needles and a knife at Margaret’s place at around 2am before being led by Margaret to Tracy’s house accusing her of engaging in witchcraft. In anger, Tracy called other villagers to witness the pot said to have been full of blood as evidence that she planted it at Margaret’s house.

“Today you shall call upon your God more seriously and beg Him to lead you to the goblin,” villagers were heard saying as the prophets were sweated out in search of the goblin.

Prophet Handireya and Prophet Jokoniah were heavily beaten all over their bodies before they were asked to show villagers the said goblin that was planted at the house. Villagers could be heard asking for the names of songs which direct their spirit into pointing where the goblin was placed.

Tracy threatened the prophets with legal action if they failed to find the said chikwambo they claimed was planted by her.

“Margaret and the prophets knocked at my door early morning saying if I would not accompany them to locating my chikwambo that is sucking Margaret’s blood they were not going to leave my homestead. In innocence I followed them and they had already planted an egg pierced with a needle saying it was a ritual that they had just planted to expose my goblin.

“I questioned them about how the blood got into the pot when they said I was sucking the blood which must be found in my stomach. Margaret later changed saying she is the one who vomited in into the pot and I wanted witnesses to their claims after suspecting the prophets’ tricks. They all accused me of practicing witchcraft, Margaret included and even her husband, Masrand James (40), was in agreement to the allegations as he nodded his head. I am going to make a police report if they do not show us that chikwambo,” fumed Tracy.

Margaret said she was possessed by an unknown spirit when she accompanied Prophet handireya and Prophet Jokoniah to Tracy’s house.

“To be honest, I was surprised to find myself with Tracy and the prophets at my house as they quarrelled over the allegations. I had been having chest pains and a headache when I asked my husband to call the prophets for prayers at midnight. I only realised later that the prophets were saying i was the one who led them to Tracy’s house, possessed by a spirit uttering words accusing Tracy of witchcraft,” she said.

Prophet Handireya confirmed accusing Tracy of witchcraft saying he had been misled by the demon that came out of Margaret uttering such accusations. This means Prophet Handireya actually has faith in demons and believes what demons say.

“Margaret misled us after we prayed for her and we followed her to Tracy’s house without verifying the allegations in spirit,” said Prophet Handireya sweating after digging the whole day.

“The eggs and needles we planted were meant to appease the evil spirits from Margaret’s ancestors who are causing her to suffer. As for the goblin, we are not aware of its origin, only Margaret is the one who made such claims and we believed her as we spoke in tongues at Tracy’s house,” he said.

Villagers were left in stitches when Prophet Jokoniah opened up about their false tactics that made them get cattle from patients.

“We have been getting cattle for such prayers but today I have decided to leave these false prophecies and I no longer want to be a Christian. Today I have learnt a lesson and I apologise to Tracy for the false allegations that led us to dig such hard ground in search of false claims. Today I was heavily beaten because of my falsehoods,” he said.

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