Gambia: Ndure Cham’s arrest confirmed

Ndure Cham in Gambian custody

Ndure Cham in Gambian custody

The arrest of the fugitive leader of the March 2006 alleged coup attempt in the Gambia, Col. Ndure Cham has been confirmed to ASN by highly placed intelligence official of the country’s spy agency – the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

“Yes Ndure Cham is definitely arrested and taken to an unknown location. He was arrested in Farafenni. There is no doubt that he is under the custody of the Gambian regime. It sounds crazy but it is true that Ndure is arrested I can confirm.”

The Gambia Echo first broke the news of Ndure’s arrest after rumor started mounting on twitter that the renegade colonel is in custody of the regime of despot Yahya Jammeh.

“I know Ndure very well. He is a very primitive and believes in marabours and jujus. He has been in and out of Gambia many times, I can assure you. Any sane person cannot imagine. Honestly he is captured. But there are details I don’t want to disclose. Some details are so secretive that only a few know about them,” the source said in an email message.

ASN has been informed that the Gambian autocrat does not want the world to know about Ndure’s arrest, thus their complete silence.

“There was a disagreement whether to kill him or interrogate him. I have no doubt about that. Jammeh don’t want the arrest to be leak to the world. I have been receiving several calls from all over the world asking questions about this. Although it hard to believe but Ndure’s time is up and that is why he acted very irresponsibly.”

Ndure’s nephew also confirmed to ASN that he was arrested in Farafenni and he is in Gambian custody. “He has been going in and out of The Gambia for quite a while now, he just ran out of luck this time and they got him in Farafenni”

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