Ghana Plans Gas Exports to Neighbors

In Ghana the country’s president, John Mahama, stated that his country would soon begin exporting natural gas to some of its neighbors. The first countries to receive gas from Ghana will be Burkina Faso and Mali.

A statement quoting Mahama, following a visit from the out-going Brukinabe ambassador Sini Pierre, said the export would commence as soon as the West Africa Gas Pipeline (WAGP) and Power Pool Project was completed.

“With that additional gas available, Ghana’s energy production will increase and it will be possible for us to share that production with our neighbors,’’ it quoted him as saying.

Mahama also said that trade and commercial activities would soon be expanded with Burkina Faso through increased export of goods through the ports.

“Both countries also share common ethnic backgrounds and languages, these are common issues that we need to strengthen,’’ the statement quoted him as saying.


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