MDC-T selects Gutu mayor of Harare



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MDC-T has selected Harare lawyer Mr Obert Gutu to become the new mayor for Harare. The selection is likely to cause fissures within the Western-sponsored party as the move is being viewed as imposition by elected councillors who were angling for the post. The move is seen as an attempt by the party to appease those that lost in the elections or were left out of senatorial and provincial government lists.
Mr Gutu last night confirmed that the party leadership had notified him late yesterday of his selection into the mayoral office.

“Yes, I can confirm that my leaders have elected me as the mayor for Harare. I feel humbled that my party leaders chose me and believe in me,” he said.

Mr Gutu said he was willing to work hard for the city.
“I will do everything within my power. I will roll out my sleeves to return the sunshine of the city of Harare,” he said.

He said the elections were held at the MDC-T headquarters at Harvest House.
Mr Gutu was excluded from MDC-T’s list of senatorial and provincial government candidates released by the party recently.

He was replaced by new entrant Anna Chimanikire who will represent the MDC-T in the Senate race.
Party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the list was arrived at after considerations and assessment of the performance and capabilities of the candidates.

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