More than 8 000 attend show

0 agric_showElita Chikwati Agriculture Reporter
More than 8 000 people have attended the Harare Agriculture Show since Friday with the bulk of them being children. The attendance has been increasing each day and numbers are expected to double this week. On Friday, 1 338 people attended, while 4 600 attended on Saturday with 3 009 passing through the gates by 2pm yesterday.

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society spokesperson Ms Heather Madombwe said the number was almost the same as that of last year.
She said the society was pleased that parents were bringing their children to the show.

“Most children are coming to the show in the company of their parents and we are happy about that,” she said.
Some parents said they preferred bringing their children to the show during the first days, especially the first weekend because there would be no congestion.

Police yesterday warned the public attending the Harare Agricultural Show to be alert to potential cases of theft and robbery.
Speaking at the show Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tedious Chibanda said police were concerned with the increase in cases of theft and robbery in Harare.

In most cases victims would have boarded private vehicles or unregistered taxis.
Insp Chibanda said the police were concerned that robbers and thieves could take advantage of the show week to pounce on unsuspecting people.
“We are recording an average of four cases of robbery per day,” he said.

“We are warning the public to be alert and not use private vehicles without number plates, hire unregistered taxis and taxis with other people on board.”

Insp Chibanda said so far there had not been any cases of crime recorded at the show.
Mr Derick Chaipa of Chitungwiza said the first days of the show were quiet and peaceful and hoped the situation would prevail.

“I came in the morning and spent the whole day strolling with my kids and even the exhibitors have enough time to attend to people visiting their stands,” he said.

Business people said they expected business to start picking up today as most of the visitors they had over the past days were children. This year’s Harare Agricultural Show is running from August 23 to 31 under the theme “Environmental, Entrepreneurial and Educational”.

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