Senegal impounds tons of fertilizer bound for Gambia

President Macky Sall and Dictator Yahya Jammeh

President Macky Sall and Dictator Yahya Jammeh

Authorities in Senegal have impounded 13 tons of fertilizer bound for The Gambia, ASN has reliably learnt.

The seizure was done by the officials of the Senegalese Customs stationed at Medina Yoro Foula in the southern province of Kolda in the Casamance region, last Friday.

The 13 tons of what is described as “subsidized” fertilizer were bound for the Gambia, where the price of fertilizer has almost triple the price of what it’s sold in Senegal.

A commuter, who witnessed the confiscation, told ASN that the fertilizer was loaded into a truck with a Senegalese registration number.

It is not clear if any Gambian was involved in what the Senegalese Customs officials described as “contraband.”

“The unscrupulous conveyors agreed to a compromise by paying a fine and abandoning the fraudulent goods,” the commuter quoted a Senegalese Customs officer who effected the impounding of the fertilizer.

ASN gathered that a bag of fertilizer is sold in the Gambia between the ranges of 1, 150 to 1, 250 Dalasi- almost three times the price in Senegal. Farmers are usually seen crossing into Senegal to buy fertilizer for their farming products.


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