Young Igwe snubs Shiga Shiga

Peter 'Young Igwee' Moyo  gave a lively performance at Manor Hotel

Peter ‘Young Igwee’ Moyo gave a lively performance at Manor Hotel

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PETER “Young Igwe” Moyo gave a cold shoulder to former Utakataka Express chanter, Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika, when he tried to join the band during their show at Manor Hotel on Friday night.
Shiga Shiga, who defected from Utakataka Express and signed a contract with Energy Mutodi a few months ago, had to watch from the sidelines.
Peter showed him and the multitude of fans present that he is able to give a lively performance.
Peter took fans down memory lane with his father’s songs such as Mukati Merima, Muchina Muhombe, Siya Wapira and Samanyemba.

This left fans convinced that he is now mature.

“The Igwe has risen. This boy has his father’s spirit and I am happy because he has reminded me of the good old times we had with his father. You can hear the sound, the voice and see the dance. The Igwe has risen,” said a fan identified as Gift.

He proved that he is a talented dancer as he danced with charisma, just like his father used to do and won the approval of fans, who professed a bright future for him.

“If he continues like this then the sky is the limit. The boy will be at the top soon. He should not lose focus. The band is as good as it was with Tongai,” said William Nyathi.

Band members Willard Loche on lead, Emmanuel Sageni on bass, Evidence “Baba Gari” Tavabhuku and Donald Machiri on drums deserved mention as they played hit after hit with precision.

Fans went wild when Motswana artiste, Slizer, joined the Young Igwe on stage. The two are said to be working together on an album.
Utakataka Express band manager Sukhosile Dube said Shiga Shiga was not with Utakataka but was trying to win back his position in the band.

“Shiga Shiga has a contract with Energy Mutodi and I have seen the contract. It is hard for us to take him back. When we performed in Harare he begged us to slot him in our performance but it does not mean he is back. Otherwise we will be in trouble with Mutodi,” he said.
Slizer, backed by Utakataka Express gave a scintillating performance of her own.

She performed for three hours but never looked tired.

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