City Press Nonfiction Award: Calling all budding authors!

Hv Book 1 City Press Nonfiction Award: Calling all budding authors!

Send us your entry for the City Press Nonfiction Award now.

City Press and Tafelberg Publishers, an imprint of NB Publishers, are in partnership in investing in nonfiction authors.

The award of R60 000 is made on an annual basis to an author to fund the research for a nonfiction book on a subject of importance in the South African context.

Click here to see the short list of authors for the 2013 award.

Entries are now open for the 2014 City Press Nonfiction Award. The closing date for submissions is April 30 2014.

The criteria for manuscripts are as follows:
» Relevance: Should add to our understanding of South African society, history and politics
» Independence: Should be unafraid to investigate uncomfortable or difficult issues
» Credibility: the quality of the research and information should be impeccable
» Readability: The book should be accessible, with good quality writing

Your submission should please include the following:
» One page description of book on why the subject is significant in the South African context
» Draft table of contents
» At least one chapter
» Author CV

The entry form can be downloaded here.

For more information, please see the NB publisher’s website

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