ICT Product launches in Botswana. Phone companies optimizes access to mobile internet

Phone companies optimizes access to mobile internet

Following the growing demand for access to internet and internet related services, mobile telecommunication companies in Botswana are making it convenient for mobile phone users, to come up with products that will enable customers to invest on subscription based methods to have long term convenient benefits of using internet communication technology, (ICTs) on their mobile phones.

The demand, has prompted major phone companies in Botswana, Orange and Mascom Wireless to create packages that allows users to subscribe, choosing packages convenient, such as social media mainly facebook, twitter and whatsapp, as well as surfing the web and internet access, and downloading.

The launch of such products has advanced the use of mobile gadgets, reducing much dependence on internet cafes, as well as up appetite by consumers to buy capable smartphone that is gradually reducing further dependence on the use of desktops, notebooks and tablets. Product packages range from whole day, seven days, 15 days and 30 days periods.

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