ICT Trends in Botswana. Mobile phone operators maximize services

Mobile phone operators maximize services

Regular use of mobile phone services not only for short message services, calls, multimedia services, is gradually growing fast in Botswana. Mobile phone customers now have various options with their respective mobile phones service provider to embark on services they used to do, thus cutting long and congested queues at manual pay points across the country.

The services are proofing worthwhile across various age groups, who are ICT literate. Many have now turned to the use of mobile phones to transfer money, buy credit air time, pay bills and the use mobile internet. The services have also upped the use of smartphones, despite the operators unable to disclose traffic statistics.

Industry analysts say despite, pricing is still a problem. Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority, (BOCRA), says it will constantly monitoring the pricing of mobile phones to ensure consumers are not ripped by over pricing for mobile data as they do transactions using mobile phones.

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