Botswana: Postal services move to adopt digitalization

Pascal Raditsebe

GABORONE, Aug 29, ( – – Botswana Post has joined the fray alongside counterparts in the SADC bloc to embrace digital platform as part of efforts to enhance communication. The services now swallowed off by heavy over dependence on internet, email and social media, as well as the use of mobile phones which has upper hand in plummeting postal service revenues.

Botswana Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications Tsaone Thebe warned the postal service that it is important to rethink strategic methods to stay afloat and engage methods to boost mail volumes and keeping sophisticated customers.

Thebe said at a stakeholder conference for SADC bloc Postal Services in the capital Gaborone this week that increased competition, new customer expectation, technological advances and globalization are forcing postal service transformation at an alarming rate.

“Besides the impact of digital technologies, the fight for survival by postal industry has not been made easy by the escalating transportation cost, regulated pricing, strong unions and impact new competitors,” she said, adding that it is worrisome about the advent of digital technology is the growing trend for customers across the globe to demand faster, cheaper and flexible communications services.

The postal industry including Botswana Post is besieged by problems compounded by the growing global trends that show a growth in the levels of digitalization.
The industry compounded to innovatively find ways to forge forward without much reliance on government financial assistance. Research indicates that financial viability of the postal industry is achievable.

Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority, (BOCRA) chief executive officer Pheko Thari says postal service is a critical component in the information communications technologies (ICTs) eco-system.

Thari said developing a strategy is key because “the way of doing things” has also shifted the goal posts and refined communication convenience for the modern customer.

The SADC bloc postal network seeks to develop a postal strategy to identify challenges and opportunities that modern postal companies face.
The four-year SADC Postal Strategy will also ensure that ICT and postal tools are provided at affordable costs to the continent’s citizens, especially in the rural and marginalized areas.

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