How an app can change the fate of a business

The Honeybee application is a clever little sales app. So clever, in fact that it’s changed the way Namaqua Wines does its business.  Not only has South Africa’s biggest wine distributor increased its sales calls by over 25% per month but also – and because of its increased sales – it’s now added more people to its sales force. This transformation is all down to how Namaqua Wines is making the absolute best use of technology through the HoneyBee sales management tool.

What’s clever is that this android application not only allows for instant information sharing, but the management of customers and contacts is immediate too.  Best of all, though, is that HoneyBee helps sales people can get on with what they’re best at … selling.  The HoneyBee application is specifically designed to help sales people be more effective, because they can showcase their products and generate quotes and orders, while they’re still at a customer’s premises. All the while, the sales management office has an interactive and bird’s eye view of every single sales activity so that sales efficiencies can be measured 24/7.

Before HoneyBee, Namaqua Wines SA had searched for a sales management tool that would suit the needs of its growing sales team located at 14 branches and sales centres nationally.  After a rigorous investigation, Namaqua Wines went for Honeybee android application, which has been developed by The Field Office, Stellenbosch, as an android and tablet based solution, linked to a web-based interface.

HoneyBee is easy to use – it takes less than half an hour to train sales people to use the application.

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