Mabhayi, serial killer, confesses crimes with apology


EAST LONDON:  (By Tom Hawks)– Worst serial killer, Bulelani Mabhayi, has confessed to murder 29 innocent people and rape expressing deep remorse that he is sorry for his all sins.  Tholeni village of Butterworth where he chopped to death most of people is now called death village.

Mabhayi, 39, had been facing 37 charges, of which 23 are counts of murder. He appeared in the Mthatha High Court, which sat in Butterworth.  Mabhayi was accused of terrorizing Tholeni village between 2007 and 2012.

All his victims were women and children, and he largely targeted homes where women were the head of the household. After breaking in, Mabhayi would attempt to rape the women and girls in the house before killing everyone by chopping them to death with the axe or panga.

In his statement, Mabhayi said he knew all his victims, and they knew him. He said this was why he had murdered them.

Adding, even to the people of Tholeni and to the citizens of South Africa, I would like to say I apologise and I am very sorry for what I did,” he told the Eastern Cape High Court. Mabhayi admitted that if he hadn’t been arrested in August 2012, he would still be raping and killing. When asked if one of his victims, who was little more than a year old, could identify him, Mabhayi told the court he killed the child because he was “driven by an evil spirit” Mabhayi said he was still of value to society “because I have learnt from this experience and that what I was doing was not right and unacceptable”.  But he also agreed that he did not have any respect for human life.

During his trial, rumors were amok that bargain talks were underway between his lawyers and court over the case. Police were called in to help with security at the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court. There were at least 30 police officers at the court, many in full riot gear.

Butterworth police spokesman Captain Jackson Manatha said the extra police were brought in to maintain order. “We had a group of Public Order Policing unit members from Queenstown and Crime Prevention Unit of Butterworth police members.

Social development MEC Pemmy Majodina was among those present. She appealed to the public to remain calm. The case was delayed by several hours, causing frustration among those waiting.

During the delay, Majodina appealed to them to let justice take its course. She also asked the public to remain calm when Mabhayi eventually appeared in court.

When Mabhayi walked past a group of gathered community members, some lunged towards policemen clustered around the suspect as he walked to the consultation room to meet his attorney. Some were crying while others expressed their anger at Mabhayi.

Mabhayi remained in the consultation room for more than an hour before he was led back to court, this time with police officers lining a walkway for him.


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