Long John Silver's, Makers Of America's Unhealthiest Restaurant Meal, Is Cutting Back On Trans Fats

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Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s is removing trans fat from many dishes, but not the actual “worst meal in America.” C’mon, guys.

The fastfood chain Long John Silver’s plans to eliminate trans fats from many, but not all, of its dishes by the end of the year.

This news comes after the lobbying group Center for Science in the Public Interest named a Long John Silver’s platter as the unhealthiest restaurant meal in America because of its trans fat content. The changes Long John Silver’s plans actually won’t take the trans fat out of the fish-and-onion rings meal the center highlighted, but they will eliminate trans fats from many other dishes, including French fries and hushpuppies.

Trans fats are a specific type of fat that doctors consider especially harmful to health. They raises people’s levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol while lowering their levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, so they’re associated with a higher risk for heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. In the American diet, trans fats come almost exclusively from partially hydrogenated oils, which are oils that have undergone an industrial process that makes them stay fresh longer. (Meat and milk products also contain a little bit of trans fat, but not nearly as much as, say, packaged muffins.)

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends people avoid trans fats as much as possible.

Long John Silver’s will still use trans fats in its batter-dipped foods, but trans fats won’t appear in any other foods, including breaded foods and other fried foods. The “worst meal in America” includes battered fish and battered onion rings, so it doesn’t seem they’ll be affected by the new policy.

Some jurisdictions, such as California and New York City, have banned trans fats altogether. All the dishes in Long John Silver’s restaurants in those places are trans fat-free.


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