When someone starts to talk about changes in the world, MENA region probably comes first. Change might be political, economic, about lifesyles which also contain political and economic changes or so on. Region have seen many changes throughout history. Roughly describing, last changes which have been witnessed by people of the region are the third era of the changes during the last three generation, after the II. World War: independence era, era of the absolute governments and era of the after Arab Spring. The term, Arab Spring, is used for people who anticipated a major Arab movement towards democratization in the aftermath of the Iraq War.

Located in North Africa, Libya has been a country of changes like others in MENA. Two eras passed over. Muammar Gaddafi was one of the symbols of the second era for Arab world as much as for Libya. Therefore, death of Muammar Gaddafi was marked as end of an era in Arab countries. Now, the country has been under the climate of Arab Spring. What differentiate last era from the previous era can simply be called as democracy: people have votes, people have choices, people have power to use their sources for themselves.

Its connections to the world is not only oil channels or natural gas pipelines anymore. Libya is working with international institutes and doing business with international companies to renew itself from head to toe since new regime emerged. The country opens its gates to the world for better life conditions.

World’s Eye is on Libya!

There are many news about business oppurtunities in Libya. You can read, watch or hear these kind of news from different sources in various countries: on BBC in the UK, SBS News in Australia, Al Jazeera in Qatar… Indeed, world’s eye on Libya. Many projects and business opportunities has emerged in the new era. Libya Herald reports that Libya is expected to invest $140 billion in projects over the next ten years.

As it is known, Libya is the holder of Africa’s largest proven oil reserves and an important exporter of oil and natural gas. Libya’s oil production has begun to rise from the ashes after the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. Now, Libya has a plan to spend $10bn on developing long-term oil and natural gas projects and to increase its crude production capacity. This plan will affect other sectors such as building, construction, development-housing, machinery and so on.

Apart from this plan, new shopping centers are already being build like Forum Andalus in Tripoli, Forum OYIA in Tripoli, Forum Benghazi Lake in Benghazi. 420.000 unit housing project will enter into force in the near future. Room number of hotels is intended to increase from 13.600 to 50.000 by 2025. Beside of building new ones, all airports and seaports are planned to be modernised in the country. This list can be extended with many projects.

Fortunately, there is an exhibition for who wants to seize these business oppurtunities. CONS (International Development-Housing, Building, Construction, Municipal Equipment and Natural Stone Exhibition) is new but assertive exhibition. This year the fair will be held the second. Exhibition will be held between 4-7 December 2013at Tripoli International Fairground. Aim of the exhibition is to gather together many sectors which want to be a part of renewing the country.

Exhibiton is organized by Pyramids which is leading fair organizer in the MENA region. Being organized by Pyramids is one of the main pros of exhibition. As an UFI member, Pyramids has provided chances to seize opportunities for corporations. It is provided by collecting the data base from chamber of commerce & industries, councils, associations, businessmen; inviting the “hosted buyer delegations” from the regional chamber of commerce, one by one with VIP invatitions in order to organize B2B meetings; organizing matchmaking of the delegations with the exhibitors.

List of exhibitors has a wide range: from building & construction equipments & services to architecture & engineering consulting services; from stone & machinery to electrical mechanical & automation systems; from kitchen & bed room products to water technology & environment etc. List of visitors also has a wide range: from architects to construction professionals; from consultants to contractors & subcontractors; from governmental officials to project developers etc.

The first exhibition, CONS-1, was held between 27-30 June 2012 at Tripoli International Fairground. Exhibition attracted over 150 exhibitors at 5000 m2. 13 countries represented: Libya, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, Syria, Ukranie, U.A.E, Belgium, Tunisia, Greece and Brasil. Covering large scale of building & construction industry & sub-sectors with full support from local and regional trade unions, associations, governmental and ministerial bodies and chambers of commerce increased the event’s importance even higher. CONS-1 was visited by nearly 15.400 visitors.

During 4 days event, Pyramids organized B2B Meetings with support of General Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Libya, Tripoli Chamber of Commerce of Indsutry & Agriculture Buyer Delegation and Benghazi Chamber of Commerce of Indsutry & Agriculture Buyer Delegation. Visitor promotion activities were also supported by Flanders Inverstment & Trade-Begium and Tunisia Export Tripoli Offices.

You might not miss second edition of this event.

CONS-2 (2nd International Development-Housing, Building, Construction, Municipal Equipment and Natural Stone Exhibition), 4-7 December 2013, Tripoli Int’l Fairground – Tripoli, LIBYA

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Phone: +90 216 575 28 28 (Pbx)

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