Garmin the Global Leader in Satellite Navigation in East African

JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, September 3, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ Garmin ( the Global Leader in Satellite Navigation is improving its product offerings and service in East Africa, to include support for areas dealing with the rapidly expanding mining, agriculture and infrastructure sectors. Garmin has been successful in creating navigation and communication devices which embrace lifestyle needs and enrich the lives of customers’ since 1989. The brands innovative products span various areas of interest, including automotive, marine, fitness, outdoor recreation, and aviation and wireless applications.

Garmin Sub-Saharan Africa was appointed the local office to set off the expansion in East Africa. “Garmin’s aim is to develop our own strategies and product solutions specific for the African market,” says Walter Mech, Managing Director Garmin Sub-Saharan Africa. He adds that “in Africa, Garmin lead with Outdoor product or ‘GPS tools’ that are essential in every day working.”

Africa is a fast expanding continent that is receiving increased foreign investment to boost local economies, and East Africa has shown that it has the capability for just that. With improved levels of education and business development which contributes to the increased source of income.

The East African market is so diverse and fast changing, giving it a better utilisation of Garmin products and technology. Garmin’s Marine Echo range of fishfinders make use of GPS and sonar technology to map and view fish under the water, this will be a great aid in subsistence fishing. The Garmin Outdoor watches are great for hiking Mt Kilimanjaro, where the handheld units track waypoints and GPS co-ordinates which contribute to plotting out a field for planting crops, determining the land gradient and marking boarders. With the expansion of roads in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, and Abba Addis, the Garmin Automotive products become a valuable tool in navigating the streets and finding petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres known as Points of Interest. GPS technology is also used in Garmin’s range of Fitness watches that track your time, speed, distance, calories, and cadence, and heart rate when paired with a Heart Rate Monitor.

Garmin have realised that it is important to develop the right mix of products and tools and make these available in each territory to provide product support and sales, software updates and cartography or map uploads. Garmin GPS equipment is available and supported in East Africa, at the following outlets:


Radiowave Communications Ltd

Kwa Ngulelo, Baraa Block 169, Arusha

Tel: 00 255 776 2220000, 00 255 736 5005332



Car & General Ltd

Opposite Mafuta House

P.O Box 1552, Dar Es Salaam

Tel: 00 255 222 113016/4082/4083/212 6928

Fax: 00 255 222 113015



Daher S.F. AL-Daher

Kirkos Kifle Ketema, K.15, H., No 287/33, Addis Ababa

PO Box 11653

Tel: 00 251 910 076011



Survey Systems plc

Micky Lyland Avenue, Bole Sub City, Addis Ababa

P.O Box 259 code 1250

Tel: 00 251 930 012631/00 251 911 480262

Fax: 00 251 116 185676



Fontana Auto Parts (U) Ltd.

Plot No. 36/38, 7th Street, Industrial Area, Kampala

P.O.Box 4012,

Tel: 00 256 414 340291/2/347461

Fax: 00 256 414 345850




Titan Avionics Ltd

Titan Hanger, Wilson Airport, Langata Road, Karen Nairobi

Po Box 140 00502


Tel: 00 254 722 325666, 00 254 20 608604


Adesho Marine

PO Box 754, Latanier Road, New Port, Victoria, Mahé

Tel: 00 248 422 42 16

Fax: 00 248 422 42 16


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