MATELEC EIBT China 2014 Focuses on Electrical and Intelligent Engineering of Subway Construction in China

According to China’s “12th Five-year Plan”(2011-2015), the metro system will expand from big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou to other cities. A new round metro construction is developing gradually throughout China. By 2020, there will be over 70 metro lines under construction; the total metro mileage will reach 7,395 kilometers. China is becoming the world’s largest market in need of all advanced products and technologies like power supplying system, power distribution system, control system, lighting system, security system, and etc. to keep the operation and safety of metro stations and the carriages. Besides, the weak electricity system and intelligent system are becoming the indispensable facilities for the further metro development

MATELEC EIBT China 2013 Shanghai International Electrical and Intelligent Building Technology Exhibition attracted a large amount of buyers from municipal planning institutions, tunnel construction companies, electricity systems, government institutions, and etc. bringing MATELEC EIBT China 2013 exhibitors the latest metro construction plans and purchasing information. Exhibitors showed their great satisfaction and expectation of MATELEC EIBT China 2014.

To deepen the metro business market for MATELEC EIBT China 2014 exhibitors, CHC EXPO and Shanghai Electrical Design & Research Association recently announced their cooperation plan with some organizations from government, municipal institutions, construction companies, designing institutes, and etc. by planning to integrate all buyer resources to organize relevant metro focus activities. Meanwhile, the buyer service center which is consisted of more than 60 professional specialists has accelerated the buyers invitation campaign by one on one calling, through which, a large amount of first hand information of metro planning, metro construction , end users, importers and agents, and purchasing needs will be then delivered to MATELEC EIBT China 2014 exhibitors first in time, which provides MATELEC EIBT China 2014 exhibitors the best way to enter the China metro market.

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