Agang ‘deserves a chance’

New political party Agang SA deserves a chance, some residents of Tembisa, in Ekurhuleni, have said.

“I think they deserve a chance to be in government … Maybe they could do things differently,” Mabale Ubisi, a hawker at the Swazi Inn market, said today.

Ubisi said he believed Agang SA could do better than the ANC government.

Party leader Mamphela Ramphele visited the township and spoke to residents.

She inspected the newly built Phomolong Clinic and an NGO housing various entrepreneurial projects.

Her team brought along party membership forms which they gave to residents to fill in.

Pebane Reane (23), also a hawker, said young people wanted jobs.

“Ramphele did a good job by visiting us to hear from us in Tembisa.

“We need jobs, hence we turned to becoming hawkers to try to make a living.”

Although Reane was sceptical about new political parties, she believed Agang SA had an idea of what people wanted.

“She (Ramphele) is a mother and understands our struggles … I think she would do well and help the majority who suffer every day,” she said.

Earlier today, Ramphele claimed to have earned the trust of communities across the country.

“People are proud that I am the only public leader who disclosed her income … That means trust,” she said.

Ramphele recently revealed her net worth of over R50 million to the public.

She insisted that every public representative should do the same to gain the trust of the people they led.

“I have over the years worked with communities in Limpopo, Cape Town and many other places .. People know that what they see is what they get … I have nothing to hide.”

She also said South Africa lacks good and efficient leadership.

“We don’t have leaders. Instead, we have thieves,” she told Myra Maboya, who runs a health shop.

Maboya said she had been running the Swissgarde health shop for the past 20 years.

“I brought health products to the township and this venture has been successful ever since.”

Ramphele told Maboya to soldier on.

The country had talented people willing to make their mark, but bad leadership was hampering their progress, Ramphele said.

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