KEMP named EMA 2013 Vendor to Watch

KEMP Technologies has been recognized by industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) as a “Vendor to Watch” for 2013. This award is given to companies that have demonstrated a unique value proposition in a specific market that eliminates customer problems that other competitors have failed to notice.

KEMP Technologies accomplished this by expanding the availability of its application delivery controllers (ADCs), offering several new integrated platforms to fit a wider range of deployment environments and by leveraging the selling channels of both Cisco and Dell to deliver these new application delivery solutions.

KEMP Technologies meets customers’ need for intelligent, advanced load balancing from large corporate datacenters and organizations of all sizes. KEMP’s ADC solution is a critical factor in alleviating availability and performance optimization issues across business critical applications.

• KEMP is the first to integrate its LoadMaster Operating System Software for UCS directly onto a Cisco B-series or C-series UCS server acting as a “host” ADC. On the B-series, The LoadMaster Operating System for UCS runs natively (bare metal) within the UCS fabric itself and therefore requires no third party server virtualization hypervisor.

• This KEMP solution is also Cisco IVT Certified (Interoperability Validation Testing), and sold and supported through Cisco channels.

• Operating natively within the UCS fabric, the LoadMaster decreases application latency, improving performance and allowing for high-speed communications between server workloads.

• Both the LoadMaster for UCS and the LoadMaster R320 offer layer 4 and 7 server load balancing, SSL offload and acceleration, data caching and compression, layer-7 Intrusion Prevention System and security and persistent logging.

• KEMP offers an OEM product with Dell in which KEMP has delivered the LoadMaster R320.  KEMP’s LoadMaster R320 operates on a variant of the Dell R320 server platform. This solution leverages Dell’s global support network in 123 countries around the world.

• All KEMP load balancers are optimized for a broad range of IP applications including core Microsoft Enterprise workloads such as Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, RDS and Dynamics.

Tracy Corbo, Senior Analyst, EMA, said “EMA has designated KEMP a ‘Vendor to Watch’ because the company is providing a solution that takes advantage of the selling channels and support arm of larger organizations by offering its solution in several form factors that are ideal for different deployment environments. This gives customers both deployment and channel flexibility. Additionally, KEMP’s new partnerships expand the global reach of its sales and support capabilities allowing them to reach new customer audiences.”

Tim Quinn, Director of Strategic Partnerships, KEMP Technologies, explained, “We are honored to be named a Vendor to Watch by EMA. KEMP has taken its virtualization platform to the next level by finding new models to deliver KEMP’s technology and gain a greater global reach. By partnering with global IT vendors such as Cisco and Dell, KEMP has provided customers with the option of using their existing channel or using vendor discounting programs to obtain needed functionality that best fits in their datacenter environment.”

KEMP Technologies continues to have a meaningful impact on emerging markets, addressing a growing demand for solutions that offer the necessary functionality and flexibility to help users extract maximum benefit from their infrastructures.

George Zervos, EMEA Sales Director, KEMP Technologies, is excited about this recognition and believes it will elevate the company’s profile as a premier price/performance load balancer and application delivery controller.

“Operations across emerging markets, specifically Africa, look for security, stability and reliability in service to their core ICT infrastructures. We are ideally positioned to add value and we are witnessing continued and increasing interest from these markets,” says Zervos.

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