Mozambique Gives ENI More Gas

Mozambique added to its natural gas totals with a new discovery on Area 4 operated by Italian firm ENI. The company said it had made a new gas discovery with drilling on the Agulha exploration prospect.

The Agulha was drilled in 2,492 meters of water and reached a total depth of 6,203 meters. The company’s preliminary estimates show that the Agulha structure could contain 5 to 7 Tcf of gas in place, having encountered 160 meters of wet gas pay in good quality Paleocene and Cretaceous reservoirs.

ENI and its partners in Area 4 are finalizing the assessment of the discovery, and planning the appraisal strategy.

The well, which led to the discovery, is the tenth well drilled back to back in Area 4, where exploration has achieved a 100% rate of success. The discovery opens a new exploration play in the southern part of Area 4 where the drilling of three additional wells is foreseen in 2014.

ENI is the operator of Area 4 with a 50% indirect interest owned through ENI East Africa, which holds 70% of Area 4. The other partners are Galp Energia (10%), KOGAS (10%), and ENH (10%, carried through the exploration phase). CNPC owns a 20% indirect participation in Area 4 through ENI East Africa.

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