Steam ahead with NDP where there is consensus – Ramaphosa

Those parts of the National Development Plan (NDP) on which there is consensus should be implemented, ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has said.

“Differences remain around the economic chapter, but in the end we should steam ahead where there is a full consensus,” he told the Banking Association summit in Johannesburg today.

“We should identify where the plan has gaps … every plan in the universe has shortcomings and gaps.”

Ramaphosa, who is also the deputy chairman of the National Planning Commission which developed the NDP, said the plan was an exercise in working together.

It provided a framework and vision where different sectors worked together.

Business and the financial services sector had a critical contribution to make.

The financial services sector needed to play a role in helping small to medium enterprises, as these would contribute to job creation.

This could be done through small-business incubator models, and helping these businesses gain access to finance.

“Banks need to investigate feasible ways to extend credit to small and medium businesses,” Ramaphosa said.

“Following the global financial crisis … there is an aversion by banks to take up certain types of risk – this is understandable and prudent. However, banks need to find solutions.”

He said the financial services sector could make it easier for many people to start and run a business.

The sector could also contribute to infrastructure development.

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