Cabinet warns protesters to refrain from violence

Cabinet has urged protesters and strikers to refrain from violence.

The right to strike should be exercised in a nonviolent manner, acting government spokesperson Phumla Williams told reporters in Pretoria on Thursday, following the executive’s meeting yesterday.

“Cabinet emphasises that such a right must be exercised in a nonviolent manner and in full compliance of the law,” she said.

“There is a responsibility on trade union leaders, employers, the state, and the security services to ensure that the law is upheld and that provocative actions are avoided.”

Various economic sectors in South Africa, including the mining, construction and automobile sectors, are currently engaged in wage negotiations.

Regarding the state of three South African soldiers injured while on a UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Williams said she did not have an update.

“South Africans are called upon to support and give recognition to these soldiers who are instrumental in realising South Africa’s commitment to peace, stability and the strengthening of democracy in Africa.”

She referred questions to the SA National Defence Force.


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