Oliphant wants swift wage negotiations to protect economy

Wage negotiations needed to take place in good faith and as swiftly as possible to ensure the productivity of the South African economy was not adversely affected, Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant has said.

“Wage negotiations should not necessarily result in a strikes,” the minister said in a statement.

“Even when a strike is called, at the end of the day the parties have to find a way resolving the outstanding matters around the table.”

South Africa was currently experiencing strikes in the gold mining, automobile, airline and construction sectors.

“To all negotiators, I know that you are busy with the negotiations. I wish that you will find one another sooner rather than later and come to the agreement as swiftly as possible,” said Oliphant.

“We are still reeling from the world economic meltdown and we need to get the country working as smoothly as possible to be able to get the economy to create the jobs we so desperately need.”

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