Radio and Television Festival in Cuba will provide avenue to strengthen partnership between Nigeria and Cuba – Maku

The Information Minister of Nigeria, Mr. Labaran Maku (left) has said that the forthcoming Radio and Television Festival in Cuba will provide avenue to strengthen partnership between Nigeria and Cuba in terms of cultural relationship and exchange of information.  He made the remarks in Abuja during a courtesy visit by the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador Hugo Reni Rano.

Mr. Maku said, despite the advent of Information and Communication Technology, developing countries are still lagging behind due to the dearth of infrastructure, which necessitated the need for developing countries to create more capacity and outlets for information sharing.

“It will be our pleasure to continue to share in this mutual relationship, particularly, in the field of information dissemination, exchange of information and information management between the two countries.  As you know, the global system is huge, but in spite of the internet and explosion of the social media, developing countries are still relatively disadvantaged because the infrastructure upon which this huge movement of data and facts revolves around the world is not controlled by us and we need therefore to be able to create more capacity for exchange of information”, he said.

The Minister said, Nigeria and Cuba enjoy excellent bilateral relationship and cooperation in several fields, especially, membership of the non-allied nations and in boxing, where Cuban coaches train Nigerian boxers.
Mr. Maku noted that Nigeria and Cuba also have strong cultural ties and made reference to the Yoruba tribe, which still has strong presence in Cuba.

He commended the exceptional role and sacrifices Cuba made alongside Nigeria in the struggle for freedom of Namibia and South Africa from settler colonialism.
His words: “Without the presence of Cuban troops which made it possible for Apartheid in South Africa to be resisted in the battle field, maybe, the story of decolonisation in Southern Africa could have been quite different and more prolonged”, Mr. Maku said.

While he was speaking earlier, the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Hugo Reni Ranon said his country is looking forward to signing a Memorandum of Understanding in radio and television broadcast with Nigeria, which would further enhance bilateral ties between the two countries.
He said, half of Cuban population is African descendants, which makes it easier for cultural exchanges between Cuba and Nigeria.

The Ambassador noted the contribution of Nigerian tradition to Cuban national culture was very high and pledged to explore more ways of solidifying the cultural ties.

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