Sony's $500 Lens Thing Clips Onto The Back Of Your Phone

Sony QX100

Stan Horaczek

The combination of smartphone and camera has been sometimes awkward; we’ve seen cameras with phone capabilities stapled on, and we’ve seen phones with absurdly overpowered lenses attached. The value of combining the image quality of a standalone camera (with its optical lenses and big sensor) with a smartphone (with its big screen, easy navigation, internet connectivity, and sharing/editing tools) is obvious, but nobody’s quite cracked it yet. Sony’s newest attempt is one of the oddest: they’ve basically taken their top-of-the-line RX100 camera and chopped off the screen, viewfinder, and most of the body. That leaves us with a cylindrical gadget that looks like a lens, which, as the new QX100, syncs wirelessly with your phone. You can clip it onto your phone to use the phone’s screen as a viewfinder, and it beams photos right to it. It’s actually a really cool idea! Read more about it over at Popular Photography.


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