How the Television and Computer influence Children

Despite the fresh demonstration of mankind’s amazing progress in the field of science and technology, bringing television and computer into our homes, offices and schools, facilitating our official duties and education, the same television and computer are seen as the sources which have brought immorality, violence and crime into the world, affecting the behavior of our children.

Decades ago extensive research by Paul Witty, a professor emeritus of the School of Education at Northwestern University in America showed that children spend fifteen to sixteen hours per week watching television. That was when the computer wasn’t at our homes. Now with the flooding of computer children stay longer behind the computer than reading books and doing home works.

Time is the big problem of our day. Every child needs more time to study. It is sad to note that some parents allow their children to sit behind the television and the computer many hours watching programs unsuitable for children and playing violent games. Children do not put education in one category and entertainment in another. They learn from whatever they see and one of the most dangerous of television and computer’s effectiveness of violent advertisements and programs not suitable for children.

Children have followed and learnt to be violent by watching violent films on the television and playing violent games on the television.

Investigations relating to teenage killers involving knife attacks and rampage shooting, reveal that they had a troubled past. The sort of environment they grew up in and what they love to do gives the investigator ample understanding to know why they chose to do that.

Cigarettes advertisements have pushed many children to start smoking at early age and pornography and naked pictures which have flooded on the internet have led many children to be teenage mothers. In February this year, the Sun Newspaper reported of a nine year old child giving birth to a baby girl in Mexico. She could be a brilliant child who has now dropped out of school to bury her knowledge.

Apart from the immoralities on both television and computer which continue to influence and change the lifestyle of children, bad behavior of adults also influence children. For example, some female celebrities wear dresses without underwear and purposely show their nakedness to photographers to take a shot, all because of fame, forgetting that children watch those naked pictures loaded on the internet without their parents’ knowledge.

Children watch models and become fascinated. Since some wanted to be a model they subjected themselves to hunger leading to anorexia. Because children have continued to see and know what adults knew, they no longer feel like children. That’s where they put on life of resistance and disobedience. They hate correction and never like to be thought what to do. Whatever the situation may be, parents should always remember that they have a responsibility to show the child the right way. “For a man to train up a child in the way he or she should go, he must walk that way himself” says Abraham Lincoln.

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