SA Schools ICT Development Gaining Momentum

Teachers in South African Schools need competence and innovativeness to maximise the potential of digital devices if their use will improve thinking skills that are a significant component in enhancing learner performance, a study attests.

In an abstract by Nokulunga Sithabile Ndlovu and Donovan Lawrence from the University of the Witwatersrand Wits School of Education, during the “Towards the Carnegie III”, a conference held at the University of Cape Town in recent times, it was presented that South African learners particularly in schools with limited resources have continuously underachieved in the gateway subjects like Mathematics and Science.

The paper also revealed that the government has turned to modern technology to strengthen teaching and learning and to redress past inequalities in its schools.

Furthermore, this intervention has made little or no progress despite the availability of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in these institutions (PanAfrican Research Agenda, 2008-2011).

And the teachers in these schools are still in the phase of using ICTs to merely transmit subject content rather than utilize the technologies to enhance learning.

The ICT in Education policy, Department of Education (DoE, 2004) advocates the pedagogical integration of ICTs that promotes the development of higher-order thinking skills.

This literature review attempts to provide better understanding on what quality ICT use in the classroom entails to facilitate the advancement of teaching and learning.

Also noted is that the intention is to demystify misconceptions associated with pedagogical use of ICTs in schools that tend to be responsible for failure to achieve educational goals by teachers in the not well-resourced schools.

Experiences of other educational institutions, globally and locally will later be reviewed, to demonstrate how ICTs have been used to enhance learning.

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