Wonderboom Airport runs out of jet fuel

The Wonderboom Airport, north of Pretoria, has run out of jet fuel and aircraft operators have been told to bring their own.

“As a short term solution, the tenants and aircraft operators based at Wonderboom Airport were granted the opportunity…to provide fuel for [their] own demand..” Tshwane municipality spokesman Blessing Manale said.

“Please note that no permission is provided by the CoT [City of Tshwane] to any operator to sell fuel on the Wonderboom Airport premise.”

The city was informed in July that fuel shortages were experienced due to “unplanned product shipment delays” and that they could not obtain stock to supply the airport in time.

“We suspect that such [sic] might not be true as the supplier might have already started terminating his supply sub-contracts in anticipation of non-renewal.”

The city started with a procurement process to consider the appointment of a new service provider in April. The tender was advertised and closed on July 1.

“The consideration of the tenders and the tender evaluation results is still underway,” said Manale.

He said measures to address fuel provision were investigated.

“To ensure that similar problems do not occur, we are considering a standing fuel supply database of service providers which can be used on needs basis,” he said.

“This will ensure that suppliers improve their quality of service, and in general do not hold the city to ransom when such service providers underperform.”

The city apologised for the inconvenience.

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