A break before the long, dirty campaign

It’s Wednesday. The Croc’s grinning like a Patagonian Toothfish. So am I.

I’ve good reason to be stoked. For years Arsene Wenger has been as tight as a South African mine owner during wage negotiation season.

Wenger’s been raking in the billions but kicking it all upstairs to the boardroom. There’s been scarce benefit for the Gooners in the stands and in front of the TV. This year, as always, he’s mumbled about inflated prices, fair play and the future. And signed at the last minute.

But this season the long slab of misery has at least signed an adult footballer rather than some teenager with pimples and an exotic surname. He’s coughed enough filthy lucre to secure the services of the very adult Mesut Ozil.

It’s not enough with the glaring gaps in front and behind him, but a step in the right direction. Here’s hoping Wenger finds the purse – and his balls – again come January. The no trophy thing is getting tiring.

There’s more reason to be cheerful. It’s been a politics free week. Relatively speaking. It’s a good time to dodge the politicos. While it’s still possible. There’s a long, dirty election campaign ahead. Things are gonna get filthy. And vicious. And repetitive. And mindless.

The ruling party’s getting its first real taste of loyal punters suffering from belated buyer’s remorse. Shit is going up in flames all over the place. From Cato Crest to Tlokwe, things are unravelling. Things are bad upstairs as well. Nearly all the comrades who jumped for Number One when he was fired as Number Two are gone.

The Jelly Tsotsi has swapped berets. Vavi’s all tangled up in Ye Olde Honey Trap. Zizi’s invisible. Razmatazz is hanging on for dear life. Siyabonga, Malusi, Blade, Nathi, S’dumo and Thulas are all still there. Somebody will have to take a fall over Number One’s own Sun City though.

Wonder who?

Back to the grinning Croc. We’ve spent the hitting small towns up and down the coast. No office. No courtroom. No bad vibes. Sweet. Our next gig’s in Sea View. Marius Botha’s Headroom studio. We’re hanging with Madala Kunene. Bafo as he’s known. We’ve missed Bafo’s rehearsal.

We’re still cool. We’re working on a big project about Bafo. Bafo’s on his way to France. Then he’s coming back to launch a new album. At long last.

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