ANCYL ‘sorry’ for insults

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has apologised to everyone it has wronged and insulted in the recent past.

“It is important that on this special occasion, we offer a public apology to everyone who was insulted and wronged by the organisation,” ANCYL national task team convenor Mzwandile Masina said today.

He was speaking at the ANCYL’s 69th anniversary celebration in Joburg.

“The ANC finds itself in courts as a result of our actions. More recently, we lost a case lodged by a journalist at The Star newspaper, who was called a drunk by this very organisation of ours,” said Masina.

The ANCYL did not have the money to pay the journalist, but could only offer a “sincere apology”.

Masina called on members to refrain from making “reckless” statements in the name of the ANCYL.

“Being militant for the sake of being militant does not help us, comrades. We apologise because we think that it is revolutionary that we do so.”
He also said the league was not about individuals.

“As we move forward to rebuild the structures of the organisation, we must build such structures and not concentrate on individuals,” Masina said.

Previous leaders, such as former president Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo, met at the venue in 1944 to form the ANCYL, said Masina.

He said it would continue to pursue the course of economic freedom as adopted at its 2011 conference in Joburg.

“We must learn from the 1944 generation that came to this venue to give birth to this organisation.

“They delivered freedom to us 50 years later, and they had a clear programme of action. It is important to draw lessons from them.”

In order to achieve economic freedom, the issue of free quality education should be thoroughly addressed, he said.

The ANCYL was putting measures in place to deal with factionalism and “gatekeeping”.

“As we stand here, we are unable to tell you how many of you are members of the ANCYL. The task team is working tirelessly on such issues.”

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