Pressing Issues: Our football needs selfless leaders

Electioneering talk is always fascinating.

Take the coming South African Football Association (Safa) elections.

The two candidates for president, Danny Jordaan and Mandla “Shoes” Mazibuko, have bluntly spelt out their vision for the organisation going forward.

They both talk “unity” – more especially Mazibuko – while “development” has become a common thread in their electioneering speeches.

What makes this alluring is the fact that as vice-presidents of Safa, the pair are no rookies in the leadership structure.

So one would wonder that if they feel there is no unity within Safa, why have they been sitting with arms akimbo all this time?

If the lack of development – which has been cited by many people for years – is what has brought about the demise of South African football, why did they not do something as part of a collective leadership?

It is the same when people talk about individuals who would bring the money through sponsorship to the beleaguered organisation should they be elected as president.

Why would they only generate the money if they became president?

Does this then imply we can believe the whispers in corridors that there are individuals who block companies when they want to come into football and sponsor the game, telling them now is not the right time?

These are serious questions that the voting regions need to ask themselves and answer them candidly.

It will be sad if the answers are in the affirmative because it will mean we have leaders – if one can call them that, rather than despots – who abide to the Biblical Samson narrative of taking the house down with yourself.

Our football needs a selfless individual who will work for only one thing – the good of the game – “finish and klaar”, to quote one Jackie Selebi and hoping colleague Adriaan Basson doesn’t accuse me of infringing on his copyright.

Is there such a leader? The voting delegates will decide on September 28.


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