Rafael Nadal crowns his ‘most emotional season’ ever

New York – Engulfed in a mixture of relief and utter joy, Rafael Nadal fell on his back and covered his face with his hands after beating Novak Djokovic in four sets to win the US Open, the 13th grand slam title of his career.

A year ago, Nadal was sat at home watching on television as Andy Murray defeated Djokovic, dealing with the knee injuries which had raised questions over his longevity in the sport.

But after returning to the game from a seven-month absence, Nadal’s remarkable year has included two grand slam wins as he marches his way towards the number one ranking again.

“For a few things this season is probably the most emotional one in my career,” Nadal told reporters after his 6-2 3-6 6-4 6-1 victory.

‘I felt that I did everything right to have my chance here.

“You play a match against one of the best players of the history like this, Novak, number one in the world, probably on his favorite surface, as I said the other day, I would have to be almost perfect to win.

“It means a lot for me have this trophy. It is just amazing,” he said.

Nadal gives no quarter on the court and he is similar when asked to talk about his fears, avoiding the temptation to tell the easy storylines.

Did he fear he might never play again?

“I am a positive guy, so I never thought about that,” he replied with his disarming smile.

But he acknowledged that the emotions he showed on court did indeed relate back to his injuries and to the difficult days in the gym, when he had to endure the daily grind of rehab work, sometimes with no signs of immediate progress.

So when he thanked his staff and those close to him, it was not the usual courtesy but an acknowledgement that the painful road back would have been much tougher without the support of his team and family.

“What really produced for me these emotional moments was working hard in tough moments, trying to be positive,” he added.

“A lot of people were with me during this period of time and they were not easy moments. A lot of days I was able to keep working because of them.

“When you go to the gym every day and you don’t see a positive result, then you lose a little bit your energy. Having those people around me during this period of time was decisive.

“They kept me working hard, they give me that positive energy. Without them it would be impossible for me to have the chance to be here today.”

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