Allies oppose ANC draft elections manifesto


NATIONAL: (By Nina Maria)– The Ruling party, Alliance for National Congress (ANC)’s draft elections manifesto has come under widespread rant by its coalition partners.  Pursuing National Development Plan (NDP) that flared up plenty of controversies is the sole reason behind the scathing criticism. (News prepared and released by

Major opposition is coming from the National Union of ­Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa), South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) and the Food and Allied Workers’ Union (Fawu).

The draft manifesto, unveiled by ANC deputy chairperson Jeff Radebe, will roll in couple of days is claimed to have set two benchmarks—phase out poverty and inequality by 2030. Deliberation and consultation on the manifesto will embark on after 15th of October.

After launching draft manifesto, Jeff Radebe said that since 1994, the ANC had toiled hard for 3.2% annual economic growth, jobs to 4-million people besides spending R1-trillion on infrastructure developments including roads, sanitation, transport and housing and others.

The major critic of NDP, the National Union of ­Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has warned ANC of distancing its elections campaign if ANC sticks to the NDP in its election manifesto.

Numsa’s leader Mphumzi Maqungo threatened that party intended to stop R2-million for the ANC’s election campaign and shunning to campaign for the ruling party. However, the final decision will be taken at the special congress in December.

Numsa is trade union federation Cosatu’s largest affiliate with 330 000 members. Numsa came hard on the NDP in different times terming it as Democratic Alliance policies and neoliberalism.

Other Cosatu allies uneasy with the NDP including South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) and the Food and Allied Workers’ Union (Fawu) objected ANC’s draft manifesto, saying we opposed it but still we had not taken final decision.

Documents available to The South Africa News revealed that Cosatu affiliates have given money more than R3-million towards the 2013 political levy. The total expected figure for the political levy for this year alone is R8-million.

Fawu general secretary Katishi Masemola said that the NEC planed to summon an important meeting in November 2013 to debate on campaign for the ANC election.

“We will make point fingering to what we observe as insensible or anti-working class policies come what may and how these may throw the spanner in the spirit of campaigning,” said Masemola.

The ANC ally Cosatu, showed stinging criticism by displaying public document labeling the plan “a neoliberal plan”. It has also bashed the NDP for its intricacies and 484-page length. According to the trade union federation, the document is written in inaccessible language, full of buzz words and popular concepts.

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