Biz Interview: Egunwale Damilare, MD, DHELC Consulting Ltd. shares his views on the Nigerian Market Situation

Egunwale Damilare is a great believer in excellence in whatever one does and has shown this in the course of his career. He is a passionate thinker who believes the integration of IT into business processes should be taken importantly. He is a member of SHRM and a Certified Oracle Database Professional.

ABC brings you an interview with him:

ABC: Please introduce yourself and your company

E.D: I am Egunwale Damilare. I currently work for DHELC Consulting Ltd. At DHELC, we offer a flexible, dynamic consultancy service, which provides the information, the resources and the expertise to make business decisions. We improve our clients understanding of their customers and competitors and enhance their ability to exploit new opportunities. DHELC Consulting Ltd provides computer based Information System that helps you to integrate the latest Information Technology into your business processes.

ABC: What is your position in the company?

E.D: I currently serve as the Managing Director/Consulting Partner of the company.

ABC: In what countries does your company operate?

E.D: The operations of the company are relatively new, so we are currently operating from Nigeria but we have intentions of spreading to other parts of Africa and the world at large.

ABC: What are the most important developments in your industry in Nigeria?

E.D: Generally, we’ve had quite a few developments in the consultancy industry as a whole. For those of us in the IT integration and Business Management segment of the industry, we’ve seen a great influx of people on the IT integration part based on the explosion of different apps and the kind of access made available through these apps. Also, on the business management front, the government is waking up to its responsibilities.

ABC: What are the major challenges to operating in the Nigerian market today?

E.D: Like I said, we are quite new in terms of operations, so I will just talk about the challenges that startups face. The major challenges here are getting capital and carving a niche for your company in the chosen industry. These two challenges, coupled with the controversial political, social and economic climate in the country, can really frustrate business attempts.

ABC: What could the Nigerian government do to improve business conditions in Nigeria?

E.D: The first thing I would expect a reasonable government to put in place is sound policies for every sector of the economy. These are what form the bedrock for how things are done. Then I expect the government to provide the necessary amenities that cost businesses unnecessary cost. If these are put in place, businesses will thrive more in the country.

ABC: How do you look upon the development of the African economy at large and the Nigerian economy in particular?
The African economy is one of the economies in the world that has the potential of exploding beyond what economists or researchers forecast because we have quite a number of resources that are currently untapped. In Nigeria, the development of our economy is still crawling and we are hoping that it would really live up to expectations and soar. But I believe we are getting there bit by bit. The political scene just needs to allow this to happen.

ABC: What is the latest from your company? Anything we should look forward to?

E.D: Yes!!! We have some products we are preparing for the market by late this year or early next year. One of the products is aimed at helping young Nigerians who have interest in running their business to raise capital. This product is called DHETRANET. It’s a training/networking programme that will help youths raise capital. Then we have something to help our judicial system also.

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