Pics – Team led by South African salvages Costa Concordia

South African salvage master Nick Sloane led a team of engineers on Monday (September 16 2013) into successfully wresting the hull of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia from the Italian reef where it has been stuck since it capsized in January 2012.
Above: The Costa Concordia ship lies on its side on the Tuscan Island of Giglio, Italy. Picture: Andrea Sinibaldi/AP
Engineering teams lifted the wrecked liner upright, one of the most complex and costly maritime salvage operations ever attempted at £500 million (R7.8 billion). Picture: Tony Gentile/Reuters
The operation saw the ship rotated by a series of cranes and hydraulic machines, pulling the hulk from above and below and slowly twisting it upright. Picture: Tony Gentile/Reuters
The 114 500 ton ship was left resting in 30 metres of water on underwater platforms drilled into the rocky sea bed. Picture: Tony Gentile/Reuters
Sloane, head of the parbuckling project, talks to reporters at the end of the operation. The 52-year-old said it’s his “most challenging” yet in a career that has taken him to six continents and two war zones. Picture: Tony Gentile/Reuters
Salvage crews completed raising the wreck of the Costa Concordia in the early hours of this morning after a 19-hour-long operation. Picture: Tony Gentile/Reuters
The ship is set to be removed from the shoreline of the Italian island by mid-2014, experts said. Picture: Tony Gentile/Reuters

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