Pressing Issues: Tripartite Safa alliance is key

Please allow me to use an analogy that I have used previously.

There is a very good reason fishermen always cut the head off a fish after catching it.

The reason is that a fish starts rotting from the head.

In fixing South African football, I think the process should start at the top.

With the SA Football Association (Safa) holding its elections on September 28, one hopes that the organisation will get the right president who will really move our football forward.

We are all tired of unfulfilled promises.

There are three key positions that can play a major catalyst in taking our football to the great heights that we have been dreaming about since 1992.

It is that of president, CEO and national coach.

The plans have been formulated and there are stacks and stacks of documents on how local football can be developed.

Safa needs a president who will roll up his sleeves and implement these with the help of the CEO and national coach.

With the three working hand in hand, our football can never go wrong.

The Safa president post is not an executive position. It is for this reason that the organisation needs a strong CEO who will not be bogged down by football politics, but ensure that the administration is running like a well-oiled machine.

We should not be hearing of grand plans to overhaul the administration that are never implemented.

It’s a disgrace that an organisation like Safa has no head for its crucial legal department.

It’s totally unacceptable that the finance department was disbanded and the service outsourced.

The least said about Safa’s marketing department – that is if it still exists – the better.

The national coach must be a very knowledgeable person with high qualifications and superb human-relations skills.

These would help him forge healthy relationships with junior national teams’ coaches as well as Premier Soccer League mentors.

He, together with the president and CEO, would ensure that when there are no games for Bafana Bafana, there are coaching workshops and junior teams are kept active.

This tripartite alliance is quite important for our football to make a giant leap forward.


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