It’s imperative for more and more organizations to recognise the need to spread and broadcast their regular stories to media, not just in their local markets but across regions where they conduct business

Rachana Chowdhary,

Managing Director,

MVW Network International Pvt. Ltd., India


1. What is Media Value Works all about?

In the current age of globalization, markets are global, businesses are being carried out across borders. Most of the data-points being referred within organizations are sketched on a global map. It was realised that there’s a growing need to communicate globally. ‘MediaValueWorks – Communicate Globally’ is a leading cloud-based PR and Communications platform enabling companies to connect and communicate with the target media in their key markets across the world. We thrive on advanced communications technologies and believe in communicating with the right message, in the right manner, to the right media and at the right time. We communicate with media in over 20 foreign languages including French, German, Norwegian, Slovenian, Icelandic, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Maltese, Greek, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Malay, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai etc.  MediaValueWorks currently reaches over a million journalists across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. Our live media database comprises of Media covering Print – Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Journals, Broadcast – TV Channels, Radio Stations, Online – Digital Editions of Publications, Generic and Industry Centric Websites, Blogs, Newswires and Social Media. Our pay-per-use pricing and carving out niche bespoke media lists help in delivering value based propositions for our customers.

2. When was it founded?

After having spent over 18 months on research and survey, MediaValueWorks was founded in the year 2011.

3. Who are the founders?

MediaValueWorks is founded by Rachana Chowdhary, a Global Communications Expert and a Media Specialist. Our Board comprises of several leading media and communications professionals from India and other locations, who bring in valuable suggestions and recommendations while handling our client communications.

4.  What is the nature of the industry locally and globally?

The Global PR & Communications industry is at its infancy stage in the local markets. A few communications professionals who have advanced understanding on Global PR prefer to broadcast their stories globally.

It’s imperative for more and more organizations to recognise the need to spread and broadcast their regular stories to media, not just in their local markets but across regions where they conduct business.

It helps keep the foreign media informed about themselves, thereby strengthening their presence and highlight their positioning and branding.

5. How are international trends affecting the achievements of your goals?

Our Client Briefing Sessions helps us map the target markets for each of their business verticals. We currently serve clients from diverse sectors – Technology, Entertainment, Real Estate, Automotives, Banking & Finance etc. While some of our clients wish to connect with the US & UK & APAC Markets, few others are targeting developing  nations like Brazil, Russia, China & South Africa. We streamline discussions to pin-point the core deliverables that the companies are carrying out in each region. This information helps us research and develop the most influential bespoke target media lists for each of our clients.

Our India’s domestic on-demand solution www.india-press-release .com portal aims to facilitate enabling smarter communications for companies present pan-India or help connect with international companies who are wanting to communicate with India Media. Hundreds of growing entrepreneurs, buzzing SME’s, mid-sized organizations are being offered the platform to help enable broadcast their PR and Success Stories to Media at affordable prices.  With a widespread network – currently has a network of representatives in 23 Indian cities.  We are currently in-midst of expanding our representatives across regions for our international platform – MediaValueWorks.

6.            Any direct competition in your country or elsewhere?

We believe there is always plethora of direct and indirect competition that exists is every business. It’s about the niche one delivers, which defines the space you are in. Currently, since the Global PR industry is at its infancy stage in India and in several other regions, our current competition is the mindset of a marketer. Moment, he realises the potential of Global PR – he is game to participate.

7.  Any memorable moments so far?

We have had several interesting moments during our interactions with clients and media. Amongst our noted achievement is the recognition we got at the recent Paul Writer 2013 – Realty Marketing Award. MediaValueWorks was declared as ‘Image Champions’ at the Summit. This was truly a memorable event for us.

Our other interesting moments have been several in-depth discussions with our clients who see an element in our conversations. We have observed a growing trend on discussions leading to strategy planning and thereby implementation of the recommended communications plan.

8. What are the greatest stories to tell?

Organizations are making news regularly, that has a higher story traction as far as media and PR is concerned. The storyline invariably doesn’t get recognised as a PR or a success story within the teams internally. Developing stories related to New Deal Closures, Signing off a new contract, Renewal of an old contract, Launch of a New Product / Solution / Services, Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity, Factory or Office Set-up, Participation in  a Trade Show / Conference, Appointment of a New Board or Management Member  etc  are some of the mandatory story ideas. Besides, unique ideas and storylines get developed making it brand-specific story or a generic industry story.

9. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

There are several challenges, big and small in our daily functioning. Communicating with clients and media in across varied time zones has been one of our challenges. Finding suitable resources who are able to translate the desired global communication strategies into actionable results is another mainstream challenge. We are providing with on-the-job training for our resources who are ready to service the customers.

10. What else can you share with us that can possibly help others who aspire to achieve success?

Creating quality content, keeping the message to the point, crisp and clear are some of the recommendations for being an effective communicator. Every message should be crafted keeping in view the audience its going to address. As far as press notes and press materials are concerned, keeping them factually correct with forward looking statements are accepted worldwide. Speculative stories with no supporting facts and figures to support your claim in the press note is not accepted in media.

11. Where to from here?

To enable effective relation building for clients with international media, we are currently leveraging our technology solutions to cater to more of voice, video and virtual set up for conversations in a meeting room right from your desktops.

12. Do you have additional information you would want to share?

We would be happy to answer any queries or questions readers may have on the subject. I can be reached on email : .

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