Boxing SA chief blames predecessors for flouting the law

Boxing SA (BSA) chief executive Moffat Qithi has blamed his predecessors for having replaced the law with “undesirable practices”.

He told this to Judge Margaret Victor, who is presiding over the defamation case brought by Branco Milenkovic against BSA and Qithi in his capacity as the institution’s head.

Read more about the case here.

“I’m not blaming only the promoters but all who were CEOs and acting CEOs for having followed the incorrect licensing process,” Qithi responded to a question posed by Kevin Hopkins, who leads his legal team.

Qithi had earlier told the court he was troubled by promoters who wrongly had the perception that they were licensees of BSA.

He said he had observed promoters exploiting boxers by failing to honour promotional contracts and that this was a practice in contravention of the Boxing Act.

His predecessors had accepted it as the correct way of doing things, he said.

“Now, to me, practice that does not abide by the law is not necessarily correct,” Qithi told the court.

The case continues.

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