Boxing boss’ appointment ‘irrational and unconstitutional’

Boxing SA (BSA) CEO Moffat Qithi’s appointment was “irrational and unconstitutional”, the South Gauteng High Court has heard.

Advocate Laurance Hodes put this to Qithi on day four of cross-examination in the defamation case of promoter Branco Milenkovic against the CEO and BSA.

The SA Boxing Act of 2001 stipulates that the CEO of BSA must, within two months of employment, sign a performance contract. Qithi admitted that he had not done so despite being in the position for more than two years.

“The onus lies with the board,” said Qithi.

The beleaguered CEO has been grilled on the stand – among other things about his criminal record.

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Hodes, who heads up Milenkovic’s legal team, told the court these revelations were brought about to expose the defendant’s lack of credibility.

It also emerged that Qithi held active directorships in 11 companies, a fact that he insisted he had declared to the BSA board, his employers.

The former teacher also admitted before the court that broadcasting rights belonged to promoters.

This concession might come back to haunt BSA in another matter between them and Milenkovic.

The promoter applied for an interdict in the same court last year in an attempt to stop BSA from taking over the sought-after TV rights.

Hodes further put it to the boxing boss that BSA’s 20% share from the Boxing Premier League (BPL) was illegal and that it could be classified as “stealing” as such action was mentioned nowhere in the Boxing Act of 2001.

The case was adjourned to November 8.

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