Cabinet a damp squib

EDITOR — There is not a single person in the recently appointed Cabinet who can deliver anything. President Robert Mugabe is recycling geriatrics and the line up is that of a majority of senior citizens way past their sell by dates who should all be in a retirement village, enjoying the fruits of retirement from a positive input in their lives.

They are worsening the destruction of our land by being reshuffled and brought into different portfolios to continue with decrepit and failed policies in a government that can never bring the confidence and trust needed for foreign direct investment.

The backbone of the Zimbabwean economy is agriculture. The biggest outstanding debt in the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s books is for agricultural equipment and input scheme.
Commercial banks’ biggest debtors are “new farmers” who have accumulated debt through political patronage.The biggest unpaid ZESA bills are of “new farmers” who just had their debts written off.
The only production of any note relates tobacco where production is funded and managed by the tobacco companies who have white farmers leasing “new farmers” farms.
The whole agricultural sector is a lie and a failure; all the skilled Zimbabwean farmers chased away because of their race have turned Zambia from a net importer of most agricultural produce into a net exporter and are the very farmers now feeding starving Zimbabweans from Zambia.

You can have 1 000 deputy ministers of agriculture and they won’t make a bit of difference; what is needed to move Zimbabwean agriculture forward is change and an introduction of policies that deal transparently, fairly and accountably with land in the best interest of our people and not politicians.
Unless the rule of law that can instil confidence and trust is observed, Zimbabwe will slide further into darkness and suffering.

Roy Bennett

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